1.    Are the sunglasses offered by Rare Vintage Sunglasses always originals and in ‘New Old Stock’ mint condition?

 All vintage pieces offered on behalf of Rare Vintage Sunglasses are 100% original pieces, all in unworn vintage new old stock condition. All of our vintage stock is in NOS condition unless stated differently. Please understand that some pieces provided by Rare Vintage Sunglasses are more then 60 years old and even though never worn may hold minor signs of the years they have been stored.



 2.   How do I contact Rare Vintage Sunglasses?

 You may contact us via email for all your needs and requests via info@rarevintagesunglasses.com. We understand that a short description may not always be enough for the true eyewear buff and for this reason our expert vintage staff is on hand to provide extra information on in stock items. We would also be glad to provide you with information and give a price quote on the vintage eyewear you may have in hand.



3.   How can I know if a model fits? How are the size measurements to be interpreted?

 All of our eyewear is listed with measurements starting from small to extra large although we are also able to provide exact size details upon request. Please contact us at info@rarevintageusnglases.com for detailed information about your item of interest. 


4.   Do I have the right to return my purchase if I’m not satisfied with the product or the quality of my order? 

 Yes, we offer a full refund in the case the frames are damaged. All returned items must be shipped to our address within 3 days of arrival time to the customer.



5.   How much time will the shipment of my sunglasses require?

  All orders are shipped within 48 hours of final payment.  Each order is shipped via DHL Express worldwide unless stated otherwise.  Estimated arrival time is between 3-5 workdays. You may track your orders status via www.dhl.com with the tracking information that will be given to you at time of order.



6.   Is the merchandise insured when ordering from rarevintagesunglasses.com?

 Insuring your product is totally up to you and must be specified before finalizing your order.



 7.   Does rarevintagesunglasses.com deliver worldwide?

  Yes. Rare Vintage Sunglasses delivers all orders via DHL Express worldwide and free of charge.



8.   Is overnight delivery possible?

 No, we do not ship items overnight due to the possibility of delays that are common on worldwide overnight shipments.


 9.   I was interested in a pair of sunglasses available on the site the other day. Now they’re gone! Is the model still available?

 We usually relist an item when sold if we have or receive another in stock. Yet do not fear as we frequently restock items and are here to find the item you are looking for. Please also visit our site monthly for new arrivals.



 Was not able to find your question? Contact us for any further questions.